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Rapid IoT Solution Development Kit

Go from things to apps in record time with this scalable, cloud-ready, cellular-connected Rapid IoT Solution Development Kit!

  • Easy Cloud Onboarding to the Powerful and Scalable Telit IoT Platform
  • On-board Sensors and Development Board Headers for Cleaner Wiring
  • Stand-Alone Mode via Telit Cellular Module’s On-board Processing
  • Interface Mode with your Favorite Open Hardware Platforms, including:

Telit Rapid IoT Solution Development Kit Platforms


 This all-in-one cellular IoT development board includes the following:

Telit Cellular Module
Temperature Sensor
USB, RS232, Digital I/O Parts
External Cellular Antenna
Telit GNSS Capabilities
Accelorometer Sensor
Programmable LEDs
External GPS Antenna


Rapid IoT Dev Kit