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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of SIMs available?

Broadly, the two types of SIMs we offer are Mini and Micro:

I have placed my order online what are the next steps?

Within 7 business days you should receive your GSM SIM card(s). Included with your order is access to the Telit IoT Portal. This portal allows you to manage the devices and host connections associated with your account. Telit IoT Services includes all the critical connection, management and integration functions for end-to-end IoT deployments.

Will my SIMs be active on arrival?

No - your SIMs are shipped inactive but all necessary information about how to login to your account and access to the SIMs have already been loaded into your account and are ready to be activated when you are ready. You will also receive information about the suggested APN to connect your devices.

I have my SIM's and login information, what do I do next?

Please send an email to our help desk to answer any questions you have with setting up or managing your account .

What coverage will I have?

Please check AT&T Coverage Map or our Pan-European Rate Annex.

What network technology do I have access to?

Your SIMs have access to GSM 3G, HSPA and LTE; your SIMs will not have access to the 2G network.

What if I need a static IP Address?

If you require a private static IP Block through a VPN, additional charges may applied; please email

What if I need a VPN for a private network?

If you require a VPN set up, additional charges may be applied; please email

I already have an IoT Portal Account how can I associate this order with my existing account?

During check out please make a note in the special comments that you are adding these SIMs to your account, please include account number for reference.

Where can I learn more about Telit?

Please visit our website for more information

Data Coverage Map

Data Coverage Map